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Repairs & Diagnostics 



An Established Car Repair Garage in Bracknell. We have extensive knowledge across all manufacturers and all our staff are trained and have ongoing training to ensure that we are up to date and moving with the current changes in modern vehicles.


We have also heavily invested in the most current diagnostic systems, allowing us to carry out successful diagnosis on your car at main dealership level. 


Our ethos here is to provide the best service that you should expect to receive from your garage and we pride ourselves on every single job.  No matter what size of job/work you have carried out with us, you can be assured of the same high quality standards all the way by all of our team.

Our car repair services include, but are not limited to:




√ Clutch Repairs
A slipping or noisy clutch is a sign that your clutch is likely due for repair. We can adjust or replace your clutch.


√ Suspension Repairs
An unusually hard ride or unbalanced handling can be the result of broken/worn suspension.


√ Gearbox Repairs
Difficulty engaging gears or a vague and loose gear stick may indicate worn linkages, whilst noisy or clunky gears may require a gearbox repair. We can check the vehicle in either case and advise on the best solution.


√ Exhaust Repairs
We can repair noisy, blowing exhausts or offer full-replacements.


√ Battery & Electrics Repairs
Warning lights appearing on your dash? We can examine your vehicles electrics and offer advice on the best solution to fix your issue.


√ Brake Repairs
If your brakes are noisy or require extra effort to use you may require brake servicing.


√ Engine Re-builds
Should the worst happen, we can usually fully-rebuild your engine.

No matter what issues you are having, our team will get you back on the road as soon as possible with our expert car repairs in Bracknell.

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