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Air Conditioning Regas

Air Con Regas

Here at Baileys we carry out Air Conditioning Regas.


The price for this is from £59.99 for the old type of Gas and from £99.99 for the new type of Gas - contact us now to book in.

Essentially, an air-conditioning unit comprises three parts: A compressor, a condenser and an evaporator all working in tandem to dissipate heat and chill the air. A refrigerant flows through a pressurised closed-loop system. During the process it changes from gas to liquid, and back to gas, the system itself driven by the car's engine. The result is lovely cooling air blowing into the passenger compartment.

Over time, as with any working component, an air-con system should be maintained and re-gassed

Over the course of a year it is possible for the air-conditioning gas to leak out of the system, compromising its efficiency. Owners will notice this when the air doesn't feel as cold as it previously did. Further, if the system is poorly or not maintained it can become contaminated and potentially harmful contaminants and bad smells can emanate from it.

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