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We are an independent specialist in BMW and MINI, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer BMW/MINI servicing and repairs without the dealership price. We have the latest BMW dealership software allowing us to carry out any diagnostic service,  software updates and Programming of all modules on your car. Therefore you will receive the same level of service you would expect to receive at a dealership but at a much more affordable price.


Here at Baileys not only can we update your digital service records, we can also download the information to your BMW Idrive system on vehicles that have Telematics 2017 onwards.






We also offer BMW DPF cleaning service using genuine BMW products. No dismantling is required and we can usually restore your clogged DPF to as good as new condition.



A Common fault on Mini/BMW is lack of power due to engine coking. Here at Baileys we now offer a De-coking service to clean your intake ports and valves restoring power and fuel economy back to original specifications. We only use genuine BMW/Mini products to carry out this service for total reliability and satisfaction. Our Blog will provide you with more information about this process.


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de-coking after.jpg
de-coking before.jpg
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