What’s included in our car service

With our three levels of car service, starting at £99, we check and replace the parts of your car that start to wear over the miles. Our three levels of service are Interim from £99, Full from £179 and Major from £235. Our Full service includes all checks from the Interim and our Major service covers everything from both the Interim and Full service. We also offer a car winter service to keep you safe on the road in the cold weather.

Interim Full Major
Check the condition of the undertray
Replace the oil filter
Check for excessive oil leaks
Check if the timing belt is due for replacement
Drain the engine oil and refill
Check your radiator
Check coolant pipes
Check cap seals
Inspect auxiliary drive belts
Replace your air filters
Check spark plugs
Check and replace your spark plugs if you have a petrol car
Check level of antifreeze in your coolant plus a topup if necessary
Check fuel cap seal condition
Visual check of the fuel lines condition
Replace the fuel filter
Drive System
Check the clutch operates correctly
Check gearbox operates correctly
Top up the clutch fluid if necessary
Check the drive shaft gaitors for security and leaks
Grease the prop or shaft if needed
Check the exterior lights
Check the horn
Check condition of the battery
Dashboard warning lights
Visual inspection of high tension leads
Check the battery security
Lubricate battery terminals
Check diesel heater plug indicator operation if applicable
Test the effectiveness of the starter motor
Check charging rate of the vehicles alternator
Steering & Suspension
Check the power steering reservoir
Check steering & suspension components for wear or corrosion
Check wheel bearings for excessive play or roughness
Perform a shock absorber bounce test
Grease the steering and suspension
Inspect the exhaust system for leaks
Visual check for exhaust smoke
Check the brake pads for wear or damage
Check the brake calipers for leaks and security
Inspect the operator of the wheel cylinders
Visual check of the brake hydraulic system
Check handbrake linkages and travel
Check brake discs and drums for wear, corrosion, scoring or cracks
Check the break fluid
Check the brake servo operator
Carry out a brake fluid boil test
Tyres & Wheels
Remove road wheels
Check the tyre size and tyre is fitted to side wall instructions
Che condition of the tyres
Check tread depth on the tyres
Set wheel nut torque
Check tyre pressures
Check the wipers condition
Check windscreen washer jets for alignment and operation
Check the windscreen for chips and cracks
Check the condition of the cars mirrors
Check the condition of the number plate
Advise if the cabin filter is required according to the vehicles mileage recommendations
Check the last time the cabin filter was changed
Check the cars seat belts
Check all door locks
Lubricate door hinges
Reset the vehicle service light
Conduct a road test
Stamp your service book
Lubricate the bonnet catch

If you are looking to get a car service in Bracknell or nearby, contact Baileys Garage to book.