mot-logoWhat we check for in an MOT

Looking for an MOT in Bracknell and wanted to know we we test? There are six main areas of your car we look at. Your car needs to pass every check in each of these areas to pass the MOT test.

Interior checks

When checking the inside of your car, we look at the seats and seat belts to make sure you’re sitting safe on the road, your vision is unobscured when driving so your window wipers along with your washer bottle are all working well and other vitals parts of your car such as the mirrors, horn and steering wheel are all good.

Exterior checks

Just because the inside of your car is safe, doesn’t mean something you may not be able to see while driving is hazardous to you and other drivers on the road. We check your headlamps, indicators, fog lamps and brake lamps are all working glowingly. One of the most important parts of your car we check are the tyres, making sure you have more than the legal requirement of 1.6mm of tread.

Under bonnet checks

We do a few MOT checks under the bonnet to make sure nothing is making you a danger on the road. These include looking at the general structure of your car, the suspension and steering components for any mechanical issues.

Under vehicle checks

Similar to the under the bonnet checks, we have a look at the underside of your vehicle to check nothing is failing or dangerous, such as the shock absorbers and wheel bearings.


To make sure your car is running within the exhaust emissions limit, during your MOT we monitor your exhaust fumes to check the levels of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are not above the limit.

Brake test

Finally we make sure your car brakes safely and if needs be, promptly. To do this we use a roller brake tester which allows us to test the brakes applying to a spinning wheel, without having to drive the car.


If you are looking for an MOT in Bracknell or nearby, contact us today to book an MOT.