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The Case For Automotive Cleanliness

Most of us like a clean car. Yes, it can be a chore, especially when the weather isn’t so good, but to stand back and admire your handiwork is a moment to savour. Fine, that’s the outside, but what about inside? When was the last time the upholstery was cleaned, the carpets vacuumed or the dashboard dusted? An uncared for interior can be a breeding ground for germs and mould.

Under the bonnet too could require a little TLC. A clean engine bay makes working on the routine tasks less taxing and the technicians down at your local car servicing garage will certainly thank you for it. So what are the jobs that need doing?

Air Con Issues

Okay, so refreshing the air conditioning system isn’t a DIY task but it is important to keep it regularly serviced and re-gassed. Germs can breed in the tubes and vents of the system, being expelled into the cabin. Further as the gas depletes so does the efficiency. If you notice that the passenger compartment isn’t as chilled as it once was, then it’s time to get it serviced at your local garage when (and if) the warm weather kicks in.

A Pleasant Atmosphere

If damp gets into a car’s interior (especially prevalent in winter with condensation and the like), it can create the ideal circumstances for mould to flourish. Damp and mould, just as in a house, can cause illness and of course, spoil the interior. Keeping the inside clean and fresh makes for a more enjoyable drive, a pleasant environment and helps to maintain the value of the car.

Under The Bonnet

As always, it’s crucial for smooth running and long life to have your car properly maintained by your favourite car servicing garage, but we, as car owners, routinely should be checking fluid and coolant levels and the like and that is easier to do if the engine bay is clean.

If you neglect what’s under your car bonnet, chances are it’s probably become very grimy as your engine bay collects all sorts of dirt over time. Keeping the engine bay clean and free from the detritus that collects, like leaves in the water channels and nooks and crannies, will make the engine easier to work on and maintain. Keeping items like the dipstick area and the fluid reservoirs clean will make them easier to see and attend to.

Some people go so far as to detail the engine bay, so that it appears in showroom condition. It’s a thought, but most of us will be happy with a clean down. Remember to check, where applicable, around the radiator area and grille to ensure that nothing is blocking air flow.

Battery Terminals

Properly cleaning and maintaining the battery terminals can also improve battery performance. If there is a significant build-up of debris under the hood it could detrimentally affect working parts like the alternator, causing belts to weaken if not cleaned regularly.

Although not strictly necessary, a little grease (that is to say, don’t smear it on), like vaseline, on the terminals will help prevent corrosion. Of course, any substance like that will attract dirt, so if you do lube the terminals then wipe them clear often.

A clean car retains its value. A full service history showing regular servicing and maintenance is almost mandatory these days to maintain resale value but if part exchanging the selected dealer will appreciate that the car has been cared for. We look after our own health; why not do the same for your car too?

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