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Summer Car Preparation

The weather during the months of January and February can sometimes be very average for the time of year and sometimes it can be extreme. These are the months that drag on because we humans are starting to crave a bit of warmth and sun. Don't despair though; the snowdrops are beginning to poke their heads out of the ground for a bit of a look around and they will be closely followed by the daffodils which finally herald Spring. In the meantime there is plenty to do to prepare for better weather as we need to get ourselves and our cars in trim. That's why we recommend preparing and servicing your car for Summer now.

Having A Heatwave

Over the Winter our cars have taken a bit of a weather-bashing. The cold might have kept us indoors and those little automotive jobs have been left undone. For example, how many times has the air-conditioning been run? Exactly.


Air conditioning units, or more recently advanced climate control, have been one of the better additions to the features offered on cars. They dispense relief and coolness during a hot day in a tin box. After a while though A/C units can begin to have issues; get the unit inspected by an expert who will check for any belt issues, compressor problems, or even coolant leaks. If all's well, it doesn't hurt to get it re-gassed after a couple of years. The best course of action as ever is to book in at your local car servicing garage for a check over.


Yes, cars have sealed systems these days but it is still possible to check the level (if you're not sure, see your local car mechanic) via the expansion bottle when the engine is cold. While you are there you might as well check the windscreen washer bottle level, the brake fluid and oil level too. The wet wipes are in the glovebox; or should be, especially if you have children in the vehicle. An interim service might be a thought.

Other Matters

The windscreen wipers have been working like mad over the Winter season so it pays to check them. They don't cost a lot and they are simple to change and doing so will mean no nasty smears when Summer insects hurl themselves to oblivion on the glass in front of you. Smears block the view and scatter sunlight, leading to glare, so take no chances with wipers.

If there is one single part of a car that would otherwise mean nobody is going anywhere, it is the battery. Neglect it at your peril. Thankfully those DIY days of using a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte inside a battery to know if it is fully charged, needs a charge, or one or more cells have failed, have long gone.

In the modern motoring world batteries are sealed units and without the necessary technical knowledge we generally find out they are exhausted only when things start to go wrong. They generally work well and last approximately three to five years. Winter conditions, using wipers and lights have taken their toll; further, the latest Stop/Start technology requires tip-top battery life. Warning signs like lethargic starting, lights appearing dimmer or taking longer to come on are clues, as are odd electrical issues. Do yourself a favour and get it changed and then you won't be another motoring organisation roadside breakdown statistic.

21st Century motors are complex things and DIY car servicing is largely a thing of the past. Regular vehicle maintenance means smaller bills long term and better reliability; just what we need for safe Summer motoring.

Baileys Garage can cover all these aspects for you. Give us a call now 01344 882511

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