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Car Servicing - Prevention Rather Than Cure

In this modern world car owners have lost the knack of maintaining their vehicles and that’s hardly surprising, given the complexity of the average modern car. Now, even the engines have covers which in themselves can be daunting. The days of the competent home mechanic are largely in the past because the law requires a certain rigour to car maintenance that might previously not have been the case. That doesn’t mean though that car servicing can or should be neglected so when the annual service is due or when the time comes for the annual MOT test, there are still a few simple items that motorists can take care of themselves. That way, the car will not fail pointlessly for want of simple checks.

Light Up

On old cars it was possible to change a bulb easily. The job was very straightforward. Inevitably, that’s not necessarily the case now. The job has become more complex because, frankly, car manufacturers don't want you to do it yourself. This is why some cars have sealed units and owners have to arrange for a garage to replace the part. An independent local garage can always help and, as with car servicing, will often charge less than a main dealer.

A Quick Dip In The Morning

Motor oil, the viscous fluid that is the lifeblood of a car’s engine, is neglected at the owner’s peril. It’s important then to check it often to optimise engine reliability and efficiency. Dipsticks are one of the few things still easily accessible under the bonnet and a quick dip in accordance with the vehicle’s manual will highlight any deficiencies, for example, a falling oil level. Check it very regularly.

Also, look underneath for any telltale oily patches which, when mixed with rainwater, look like a dead rainbow. In cases like this get in touch immediately with a local trusted garage. If in doubt about which car servicing or MOT garage to use, the first port of call these days is the good old internet for a search. People living in Berkshire for example might enter the search terms, ‘car servicing Bracknell’ or ‘MOT Bracknell’ to find the right garage for the job.

Car Servicing
Check your oil as often as you can

No Pressure

Check air pressure in each tyre routinely and adjust if necessary, strictly in accordance with the manual. If in doubt, find a professional because these rubber rings are important. Most fuel stations offer air lines for checking tyres but it’s much more convenient to have a pump at home. Most motor factors sell them and even the best are not that expensive; plus it is only a one-time cost. Only check when the tyres are cold, as air pressure increases as the car is driven and the tyres warm up.

At the same time, inspect tyres for uneven wear, cuts, bulges or for anything that may be stuck in the tyre tread. If in doubt about the state or tread depth of a tyre, the local MOT garage can advise.

Car Garage Bracknell
Checking tyre pressure is so important

A Clear View

If there is one thing that makes a motorist’s heart sink, it is a stone chip or fracture in the windscreen. It’s there; it’s happened, it’s immediate and, as everyone should know, requires immediate attention. Stone chips and cracks are the bane of drivers and the trouble is that any windscreen damage will result for sure in a MOT test failure. Get it attended to immediately.


Routine maintenance and a regular service are vital to ensuring a car is running like new. Remember, it pays to keep a regular routine eye on a vehicle, making sure to book annual car servicing and MOT in good time. Why not book them to coincide?

Service and MOT Bracknell

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