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3 Reasons why you should switch on your A/C during Winter.

  • Most people only use their car’s A/C during the summer months. One of the purposes of A/C is to provide dry air, therefore when defrosting your windscreen if you set your cars temperature to hot and turn on the A/C you will notice it defrosts much quicker as the A/C acts like a dehumidifier.

  • It also helps to prevent some parts in the system becoming seized if they haven’t been used for a while. There is also a little amount of oil in the system so its good to have it flowing every now and again as it helps to keep the components lubricated.

  • Have you ever noticed a bad smell when you switch the A/C on after not using it for a long while? This is due to bacteria and mould that build up in the system if its not used on a regular basis.

Its definitely worth running your A/C every now and again.

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