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Fixing the Car


A Convenient Way to Spread the Cost of Your Car Servicing

What is a Personal Service Plan?

A way of enabling you to avoid the concerns of large service bills by paying a monthly direct debit, calculated specifically around your personal motoring circumstances. 

How does a Personal Service Plan work?

Once your plan is set up and your next scheduled service is due, simply book your service as normal with your dealer and the cost of the service will be paid directly from your Personal Service Plan fund. 

What will it cost?

Your anticipated mileage and period of ownership are entered into the Personal Service Plan system and your monthly direct debit amount is calculated for you based on current parts and labour rates. Alternatively, you could pay upfront as a lump sum to eliminate servicing costs for the coming years. 

What if I change my car?

No problem. Any unused funds in your Personal Service Plan will be returned to you as a refund. Alternatively, we can transfer any unused funds directly into a new plan for your replacement vehicle to reduce the cost even further.


How do I apply?

Speak to one of our dedicated Service Representatives and they will be happy to calculate a plan that is personal to you. If you like what you see it can be set up for you in just a couple of minutes. It really is that easy! 



Benefits of the Personal Service Plan

Fixed price

Take advantage of securing today’s parts and labour costs for the duration of your selected Personal Service Plan to avoid price inflation. 


Have the security of knowing that you won’t be facing a large bill when your next service is due. 

No risk

A Personal Service Plan is the perfect way to ensure that your vehicle servicing schedule is taken care of, on time, every time. 


The plan is designed for you but is fully flexible. If your mileage or planned period of ownership changes, your Personal Service Plan can also be changed in line with your new situation. 


Personal Service Plan is a simple, hassle-free method of ensuring that your vehicle is kept in perfect servicing order and retains its value and performance. 

Two Easy Ways to Pay 

Mechanic Fixing Car

Direct Debit

Spread the cost of your servicing by making interest-free monthly payments. 

Pay in Full

By debit or credit card at the time of purchase of your car or after a service.

If you would like more information on our Service Plans, please contact us using the form below

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